The Zen Studies Podcast

Bright Way Zen’s teacher, Rev. Domyo Burk, also produces a podcast called the Zen Studies Podcast.

In case you’re not familiar with podcasts, they’re like radio programs you can listen to whenever you want using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. There are podcasts on all kinds of topics!

Episodes on the Zen Studies Podcast are 20-30 minutes long, and cover the following topics:

  • Buddhist Teachings
  • Zen Teachings
  • Buddhist Practices (what Buddhist practitioners do)
  • Buddhist History
  • Buddhist Texts
  • Dharma Talks

Please visit the Zen Studies Podcast website ( to learn more, and to listen (or read).

Weekly Meetings

Tues-Fri Mornings
Sunrise sitting suspended until fall

Tuesday Evenings
Meditation, Tea, and Class

Wed-Fri Mornings
Online Meditation (via videoconference, not at the Zendo)

Saturday Mornings
8:30-9:30 am

Sunday Mornings
Chanting, Meditation, Tea and Dharma Talk