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Nehan Ceremony

Our annual Nehan ceremony commemorates the death of Shakyamuni Buddha.

First, we’ll read a brief story of when the Buddha was approaching death. Because he had been such a generous and loving teacher, his monks, lay followers, the gods in the heavens, and all the animals gathered around and grieved.

During the ceremony we’ll be chanting and processing. Partway through, the teacher blows out all the candles on the altar and we turn off the lights in the zendo, marking the end of the Buddha’s life.

Momentarily we contemplate loss, but a candle remains lit behind a screen and a Sangha member relights the altars from it. This symbolizes how the Dharma is passed on, and isn’t dependent on the presence of any one individual – even the Buddha!

Next Ceremony:

Sunday, February 11, 2024 ~ 9:30-10:00am Pacific Time

The ceremony will take the place of our regular chanting service, please arrive early if you would like to participate.


Nehan Ceremony Program



Nehan Ceremony – Doan Copy


Nehan Instructions for Sacristan


Listen/Read Domyo’s Podcast about Nehan


Nehan Ceremony at Home

See below for ritual instructions for Cloud Zendo participants who want to enact the Nehan ceremonya at home.

As in the Dirt Zendo it is recommended that you replace your altar statue with our provided cutout of the reclining Buddha (see below). At certain points in the ceremony you will be asked to light and extinguish candles, and process around your practice space.


Nehan Ceremony Program – Cloud Zendo



Download Cutout of Reclining Buddha


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