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Sunday Morning Practice: Chanting, Zazen, and Study

You can join us in our Cloud Zendo (Zoom) or Dirt Zendo (our physical space). Everyone attending the Dirt Zendo needs to submit proof of full vaccination, including at least one booster shot. Masks are optional but we support your choice to wear one.

Before attending one of our meetings in person, see our COVID updates page for more instructions. See our Online Practice page for how to join us in the Cloud Zendo.

Sunday Morning Schedule

Can’t (or don’t want to) attend the whole schedule? Please feel free to arrive or leave at any point. Times are in Pacific Time.

9:00am          Arrive 30 minutes early in the Dirt or Cloud Zendo if you want an Introduction to Zazen and a brief orientation to our practice space. Just tell the Greeter (Dirt or Cloud Zendo) you want an intro and they will arrange it for you.

9:30                Practice begins with a few minutes of zazen followed by a Chanting Service (Cloud Zendo: please keep yourself muted during chanting)
10:00                Zazen (seated meditation)
10:25                Kinhin (slow walking meditation)
10:35                 Zazen (seated meditation)
11:00                Social Break (Cloud Zendo invited to breakout rooms to visit with Sangha members)
11:15-12:15pm   Dharma Talk

New to zazen?  Check out Domyo’s Essential Instructions for the Practice of Zazen

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