Sunday Morning Practice: Chanting, Zazen, and Study

Note: Because of COVID-19, all of our meetings are currently online. When we re-open our physical Zendo, in-person participants will need to submit proof of full vaccination and wear masks. Check our COVID updates page for more info, including estimated re-opening date.

Our events will continue to be accessible online after re-opening! See our Online Practice page for how to join us by Zoom.

Update on Our COVID-19 Measures & Re-Opening Plans

Sunday Morning Online Schedule

Can’t (or don’t want to) attend the whole schedule?
Please feel free to arrive or leave at any point.

New to zazen?  Check out Domyo’s Essential Instructions for the Practice of Zazen

9:15am…………..Click here for instructions on how to join our Zoom meetings – go ahead and log in early just to chat with others.

9:30am………….Chanting Service (click here for a copy of our chants)

Please keep yourself muted during chanting; sadly, it doesn’t work to chant together on Zoom because of the slight time delays.

10:00……………..Zazen (seated meditation)


Slow walking meditation – stay sitting, do kinhin, or stand and stretch off camera



Participants will be broken into small groups to visit; stay and chat with your group or take a short break before class

11:15-12:15…….Dharma Talk followed by Q&A

When we’re meeting at the Zendo:

On Sunday mornings we begin at 9:30am with a 30-minute traditional Soto Zen chanting service that includes bowing. Participate or observe as you feel comfortable, or arrive by 10am for zazen. We sit for two 25-minutes periods with 10 minutes of walking meditation in between (from 10-11am).

Click here to read more about how we view our “religious” kinds of practices at Bright Way Zen, and click here to read the things we chant.

After chanting we break for tea and cookies, and then at 11:15 we return to the Zendo for a Dharma talk or discussion (Dharma means Buddhist teaching). For a general description of our meetings, click hereAll are welcome!

Schedule (when we’re meeting at the Zendo)

Can’t (or don’t want to) attend the whole schedule? Please feel free to arrive late or leave early.

9:00am             Introduction to Zazen available to newcomers

9:30am             Chanting Service
10:00                Zazen (seated meditation)
10:25                  Kinhin (slow walking meditation)
10:35                  Zazen – Sanzen available
11:00                  Tea & Cookie Break
11:15-12:15    Dharma Talk or Class

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