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Guided Practice Group with Domyo

Guided Practice Groups meet regularly online over the course of a 5-month term (March-July is Fall Term, Oct-Feb is Spring Term). Limited to 6 participants per group

One group meets monthly, for two hours on the first Saturday of the month, 11am- 1pm Pacific Time (Noon-2pm Mountain Time, 1-3pm Central, 2-4pm Eastern, 7-9pm British Time, 8-10pm Western Europe, 9-11pm Eastern Europe)

If there is sufficient interest, sometimes a second group may be formed that meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, 4-5:30pm Pacific Time

Click here to learn how to join us.

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    Requirements for Participation:

    In order to join a Guided Practice Group, you need to:

    • Have been an active, participating member of Bright Way Zen for at least a year (Click here to learn more about membership; active participation generally means attendance at BWZ practice at least three times a month)
    • Have received Jukai (Click here to learn more about Jukai)
    • Have completed at least one Term Student Program
    • Willing and able to commit to a full term (once a month meeting for five months at a time; March-July or Oct-Feb), ideally attending all meetings but missing no more than one if part of the Saturday monthly group, or two if you are part of the Thursday twice-monthly group. (If you end up needing to miss more meetings than this, you are asked to respectfully drop out and participate again in a different term)

    During the term (five months at a time; Spring Term is March-July, Fall Term is Oct-Feb), participants:

    • Attend all Guided Practice Group meetings
    • Continue regular participation with the BWZ Sangha (3 or more times a month on Tuesdays, Sundays, or Saturdays including Sangha Check in)
    • Maintain a regular zazen practice at least five times a week (sessions of 25 minutes or more)
    • Participate in all the Zazenkai, One-Day Retreats, and Sesshin that occur during the term (if at all possible; this is negotiable if you have a schedule conflict you can’t change in order to attend a retreat, but the idea is to make this a priority in your life for the term)
    • Do homework assigned between meetings (this will be focused on one’s personal practice, including reading or journaling; expect this to take 2-3 hours during the month)
    • Stay in touch with each other on at least a weekly basis via shared online journaling, email, or a forum (group chooses method)
    • Are looking to challenge themselves, allow Domyo and fellow group members to know them better, and provide peer support to other members of the group by showing up and participating wholeheartedly
    • Are willing to explore, with Domyo’s guidance, things like deepening samadhi power; identifying and working with one’s natural koans; facing and working with one’s karma, and learning our “family way” – the way the Dharma is expressed and manifested in our shared tradition, so one can participate in transmitting it to others.


    See the BWZ Calendar for meeting dates:
    BWZ Calendar

    Suggested Donation: $200 a term. See our Suggested Donation page about how BWZ deals with fees so that our center is sustained financially while never turning anyone away for lack of funds.

    If the above qualifications apply to you, feel free to write to Domyo about committing to a term: