Annotated Texts

Heart of Great Perfect Wisdom Sutra – Annotated

The Heart Sutra is perhaps the most ubiquitous Buddhist text in the world – a condensed summary of the essence of Mahayana Buddhism in less than 250 words. To learn more about the Heart Sutra, listen to or read Domyo’s podcast on the text. Click the image to the right to access an annotated version of the Heart Sutra Domyo compiled, that gives you two different translations along with the basic explanations of the various terms and teachings in the text.

Annotated Heart Sutra

Sandokai (Harmony of Difference and Sameness) – Annotated

The Sandokai is Chinese Zen teaching poem written by Sekito Kisen (700-790 CE). It’s recited daily (or at least weekly) in most Zen monasteries and practice centers because of its profound teaching about the relationship between the absolute and relative aspects of reality.

Sandokai – Annotated Text

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