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Wesak Ceremony

Wesak  (pronounced Vay-sock) is celebrated all over the world, in all forms of Buddhism, and commemorates the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. All are welcome to join the ceremony and it will be held both online and in person.

The beauty of this ceremony is greatly enhanced by the participation of children and the presence of bountiful flowers!

Everyone in the Dirt Zendo will have a chance to process past the altar and pour sweet tea over the baby Buddha’s head, and we’ll have a camera on the Wesak altar for the Cloud Zendo participants.

Next Ceremony:

Sunday, April 7, 2024 ~ 9:30-10:00am Pacific Time

Please bring kids and/or flowers in time to help decorate the baby Buddha’s bower at 9:00am.


Wesak Story



Wesak Ceremony Program for Participants



Full Wesak Instructions for Sacristan



Listen/Read Domyo’s Podcast about Wesak



Wesak Ceremony – Doan Copy


Wesak Ceremony in the Cloud Zendo

To enhance your Wesak Ceremony at home, you can download a copy of the Baby Buddha to put on your altar in addition to, or in place of, your usual statue or image. For full online participation instructions, click here.

Baby Buddha – Large PDF for Printing

Baby Buddha – Smaller PDF for Printing

Join Us In the Dirt Zendo (in person) or the Cloud Zendo (via Zoom)

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Joining us from another time zone?

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