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Come Check Us Out

Just show up to one of our meetings! If you have not done Soto Zen meditation before, you might want to read or listen to Domyo’s Essential Instructions for Zazen.

Arrive 30 minutes early in the Dirt or Cloud Zendo on a Tuesday or Sunday for an Introduction to Zazen and a brief orientation to our practice space. Just tell the Greeter (Dirt or Cloud Zendo) you want an intro and they will arrange it for you.

Even if you don’t need in intro to zazen, come 5-10 minutes early your first time so you can get an orientation to the space (virtual or physical) and the meeting’s activities. Click these links for our meeting schedules: Tuesdays Evenings and Sunday Mornings. There is time for questions during the break after meditation, and the Dharma Talks and Classes are accessible and open to anyone.


Participate as You Feel Comfortable and Ask Questions!

At our meetings you may encounter some “religious” elements such as altars, incense, or chanting. You are not required to participate in anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, and you are invited to ask questions about why we do what we do. Click here to read more about how “religious” practices are viewed at Bright Way.


Buddha on AltarFinancial Support

Meetings are free of charge but we are supported entirely by donation. There is a donation box in the Zendo; if you want to drop something in, it would be greatly appreciated but it isn’t necessary. Our main source of support is from members, who have decided to support Bright Way Zen because of the benefit to themselves and others. Feel free to check us out for a while and see whether practicing with us is right for you.

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