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Bodhisattva Precepts – Resources

The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts: Our Kyojukaimon Text

The Precepts of Soto Zen Buddhism describe the function of a Buddha, or a fully awakened being. They set the bar very high! It is impossible to keep the precepts completely, but the intent to do so gives context and shape to our entire life. We continue to work with the precepts our entire lives. The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts are the same for ordained and lay Soto Zen Buddhists. Click here to read about receiving the precepts and formally becoming a Zen Buddhist.

The Kyojukaimon: The Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts – A compilation text including parts of Zen Master Dogen’s essay “Kyojukaimon,” Bodhidharma’s One Mind precepts, and the “Clear Mind Precepts” as presented by Kannon-do. Click the image for a pdf, or click the link in the title for a webpage, plus a link to a pdf.

Dogen’s Kyojukaimon (Tenshin) – as translated by Tenshin Reb Anderson

Bodhidharma’s One Mind Precepts – as translated by Robert Aitkin

The Precepts in the Dharma Cloud Lineage

Zenkai Ichinyo: The Oneness of Zen and the Precepts – by Rev. Kenshu Sugaware of the Japanese Soto Shu (School)

Kyojukaimon Commentary  – by Roshi Kennett (Kyogen and Gyokuko Carlson’s teacher)

Precepts as Path – by Kyogen Carlson (one of Domyo’s teachers), on how we hold the precepts in our lineage

Precept Study Guide from Dharma Rain Zen Center

The Buddhist Moral Precepts as a Practice for Studying the Buddha Way – by Domyo Burk (Zen Studies Podcast, listen or read)

Taking Refuge and Precepts: The Significance of Becoming a Buddhist – by Domyo Burk (Zen Studies Podcast, listen or read)



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