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Our PROPOSED Strategic Plan

The Board of Directors approved this plan as a draft in April 2024. In the next few months, we intend to share this plan with all Sangha members: Answering questions, inviting discussion and feedback, editing as necessary, and generating Sangha-wide buy-in before finally adopting the plan by the end of 2024.

Goal 1: Make the Three Treasures Accessible to All Who Might Benefit


Strategy 1: Broaden the visibility of Bright Way Zen for potential participants

Possible approaches include:

  • expanding advertising to people who have an interest in meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative programs
  • growing our social media presence 
  • getting engaged with local organizations to contribute and build relationships


Strategy 2: Make our offerings inviting and meaningful to all who wish to participate

Possible approaches include:

  • establishing introductory workshops for new people in both the Dirt and Cloud Zendos
  • encouraging participants to join smaller, intimate cohorts like the book, podcast discussion, and metta groups
  • making offerings more inviting and accessible to those with disabilities and in the BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities

Goal 2: Deepen People’s Engagement with the Three Treasures

Strategy 1: Cultivate a strong, warm, and inclusive sense of Sangha

Possible approaches include:

  • continuing acts of appreciation such as sending thank yous and membership anniversary cards
  • looking for ways to support Sangha members in times of need
  • supporting the creation and function of small peer-led groups.


Strategy 2: Provide opportunities for members to deepen their practice

Possible approaches include:

  • continuing to offer 5-day sesshin retreats twice a year, plus several zazenkai and one-day retreats
  • continuing to offer a rich array of zazen, Dharma study, ceremonies, and all other traditional aspects of our Soto Zen practice
  • mentoring people in Sangha practice roles like Cloud Zendo host, ceremony roles, and chant leading


Strategy 3: Manifest our bodhisattva vows beyond the walls of our Zen center

Possible approaches include:

  • getting engaged with local organizations to build relationships
  • doing Sangha service projects
  • finding ways to support Cloud members in their bodhisattva activities

Goal 3: Ensure Our Sangha Will Thrive Far Into the Future

Strategy 1:
Provide an annual salary and benefit package of $75,000 of support to our teacher by 2030

Possible approaches include:

  • increasing revenue from current membership and annual fundraising
  • cultivating Sangha growth in terms of numbers, consistent with Goal 1 (Making the Three Treasures Accessible to All Who Might Benefit)


Strategy 2: Work toward ownership of a Dirt Zendo sufficient for the Sangha’s needs by 2035

Possible approaches include:

  • communicating clearly with the Sangha, Dirt and Cloud, the reason for the value of strong physical roots
  • establishing a strong planned giving program (e.g. members putting Bright Way Zen in their wills)
  • researching financing options, and beginning a capital campaign when appropriate.


Strategy 3: Grow ability of the Sangha to maintain and transmit the Soto Zen tradition and its own culture 

Possible approaches include:

  • mentoring Sangha members into practice, leadership, and teaching roles
  • scheduling regular student talks 
  • continuing to develop the Zaike Tokudo path (lay ordination)


Strategy 4: Advocate and work for the transition to a life-sustaining society and increase climate resilience within our Sangha and in our communities

Possible approaches include:

  • including discussion of our climate and ecological emergency in Dharma Talks and classes
  • making ecologically-friendly choices as a Sangha
  • participating in non-partisan efforts to ensure a liveable environment for all people, including those experiencing the worst effects of the climate crisis
  • taking measures to be resilient in face of likely negative impacts of climate change, both in Oregon and in the various places where our Cloud Zendo members live