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Dirt Zendo, Cloud Zendo – One Sangha

Bright Way Zen offers the treasure of Sangha both in the Dirt Zendo (in-the-flesh) and the Cloud Zendo (online).

  • One third of our pledging, committed members are now from outside of Oregon – we have members from all over the US, and in Canada, Brazil, the UK, and Sweden.
  • Two of our seven board members are on the east coast.
  • At our hybrid meetings, there are often more participants online than in the physical Zendo

Join us in the Dirt Zendo or Cloud Zendo

All of this has changed the nature of our Sangha in significant ways. Some changes are challenging, but Bright Way is committed to serving the needs of both in-the-flesh and online Sangha members.

In the interest of inclusiveness and Sangha cohesion, we have started using new terms. Instead of saying in-the-flesh folks are “in the Zendo” while others are watching online, or calling Sangha members who live at a distance “nonlocal” or “online only,” we use the following terms:

  • The Dirt Zendo is our physical Zendo space. The word “dirt” speaks to the gritty and tangible reality of being together in-the-flesh. It’s also humble; “Earth Zendo” is too grand and suggests a totality rather than an alternative
  • The Cloud Zendo is our virtual Zendo space. Cloud are beautiful, and the word speaks to the expansive, permeable, and ethereal nature of the virtual space.

We have two Zendos but one Sangha. Naturally, the experience of Sangha is different if you participate only/primarily in one of the Zendos, but all Sanghas include various spaces, activities, and subgroups.