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Founder’s Day Ceremony

This ceremony honors our temple founder, Rev. Kyogen Carlson, and his teacher Roshi Jiyu Kennett, around the anniversary of their deaths.

Kyogen was much beloved teacher who pass away much too soon (in 2014, at the age of 65). He had unshakeable faith in the Dharma but was down-to-earth, utterly unpretentious, and – at times – gleefully goofy. Kyogen was a radical promoter of full lay empowerment in Soto Zen, encouraging people to “be ordained into their lives.” He was a masterful leader, skillfully taking conversations that would otherwise devolve into pointless debate and gently guiding people toward constructive perspective shifting. 

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Upcoming Ceremony:

Sunday, September 17, 2023 ~ 9:30-10:00am Pacific Time

The Sunday program will continue after the ceremony with zazen and then a talk from Domyo beginning at 11:15am.


Founder’s Ceremony Program for Participants



Full Founder’s Ceremony Instructions for Sacristan



Founder’s Ceremony –
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