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One Day Retreats with Mondo

A Zen retreat can be a life-changing experience. At a retreat we pay mindful attention throughout the day to our meditation, our breath, chanting, silent work, and a silent meal. We slow down, but in the midst of discipline, our minds and bodies have a chance to catch up with each other.



Full-time participation is strongly encouraged, but feel free to join us for any part of the schedule in the Dirt or Cloud Zendo. On the registration form you can describe your intentions for participation.

Please participate (at least) in the afternoon zazen sessions if you are going to participate in the Mondo Practice (witnessing & questioning). Only those registered for the full retreat, and who have participated in Mondo with us before, are invited to present verses. 


Mondo Practice

Mondo is a formal question-and-answer ceremony. People take turns presenting short verses from a shared study text, and responding to questions from those present. The presenter aims to remain centered in their own truth without getting drawn into intellectualizing or self-doubt, and the questioners aim to more fully understand the truth being presented. Ideally the exchanges are spontaneous, brief, and to-the-point. Mondo practice can help us get to know one another better, and can help the presenter clarify the strengths as well as the edges of their own understanding.

If you are going to participate in Mondo Practice, please click here to learn about the ceremony.

If you want to present a verse, email Domyo ( 

Retreat Schedule

Retreat Registration

Retreat Schedule – Click Here for a Printable Copy

Full time attendance is a valuable practice, but you are welcome to arrive and leave at any point in the schedule.

7:30am …….Zazen (seated meditation)
7:55 …………Posture Adjustment
7:20 …………Kinhin (slow walking meditation) – walk slowly, one half-footstep per breath, back and forth between two points.
8:30am …….Zazen
8:55 …………Posture Adjustment
9:20 …………Chanting Service (In the Cloud Zendo, chant along but keep yourself muted; it doesn’t work to chant together on Zoom – Click here for a copy of the chanting service.)

9:50 ……….Break – maintain silence and mindfulness
10:15 ……..Silent Work 

In the Dirt Zendo: Please accept a work assignment, and work silently and mindfully. Work until the bell rings to end the work period.
At home: Choose something simple, physical, and restorative to do, like cleaning, sewing, gardening. Also take this time to prepare your lunch. Set a timer for yourself so you can work without looking at the clock. When the timer goes off, immediately stop your work and clean up.

11:15 ……….End Work/Break – give yourself time to wrap up/clean up your work and prepare yourself mentally and physically for zazen

11:30 ……….Zazen
11:55 ……….Kinhin
12:30 ……….End Zazen/Meal Prep – go get your lunch, come back and sit down, wait in silence for meal chant to begin.
12:35 ……….Silent Formal Lunch – Click here for a copy of our meal chant.

1:00 …………Rest period – spend this time doing something very quiet and relaxing – take a nap or a leisurely walk, read some Dharma material, or just sit in the sun (or listen to the rain).

2:15 …………Afternoon Recitation (Mondo Text) – Click here for a copy of the afternoon recitation.
2:30 …………Zazen
2:55 …………Kinhin
3:05 …………Zazen
3:30 …………Mondo Practice
4:30 …………Retreat Ends

Retreat Cost:

Suggested contribution for full participation in a One-Day retreat is $25, but we will not turn anyone away for lack of funds, so please pay what you can (according to our Suggestion Contribution policy). If you only attend part of the day, donate as you feel is appropriate.

Join us in the Dirt Zendo

Click here to learn more about our Dirt Zendo. Please see our COVID updates page for more information.

♦ Registration is necessary for in-person participation, even if it is only part-time.

♦ Please maintain silence from the time you arrive for the retreat until the closing circle at 3:30pm, with the exception of brief, quiet exchanges as necessary to communicate what’s going on.

♦ Part-time participation is acceptable, just come and go as quietly as possible.

♦ If you will be joining us for lunch, bring your own food (vegetarian only please).

♦ Be prepared for a work assignment if you are staying for the work period. We have different kinds of tasks to accommodate different abilities.


Join Us in the Cloud Zendo

♦ For information about how to join us online through Zoom please click here.

♦ If you live alone or your family members/housemates are agreeable, consider maintaining silence throughout the retreat schedule. It is also highly recommended you take yourself “offline” for the duration – no computer use (except for the retreat Zoom), no social or mass media, and put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off.

Retreat Registration

Submit registration below. Registration is required for in-person participation, whether full or part time. Registration is optional for online participation.