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Strategic Planning Process

Timeline and Documents

March 18th, 2017 – Board of Directors met for first Strategic Planning retreat, brainstormed around Mission and Vision; several board members continue work afterwards, compiling and revising a draft Mission and Vision statement

November 2017 – Bright Way Zen Planning Survey, asking participants what they most appreciate about Bright Way and what they would most like to see happen in the future (54 total responses, 40 from participating members) – Results as Web Page or PDF

Bright Way Zen Mission and Vision – Adopted by Board on March 31st, 2018

2018-03-31 Strategic Planning Retreat Minutes – Board of Directors plus Strategic Planning Committee – 2nd Strategic Planning retreat, focused on three areas for strategic planning (sangha growth, member investment, sangha resources) and prioritized activities we could undertake to address each area

Bright Way Zen – Three Focus Areas for Strategic Planning – Working document based on work done at March 31st, 2018 retreat

March 16th, 2019 – Board of Directors plus Strategic Planning Committee – 3rd Strategic Planning retreat, facilitated by Thomas Bruner of Bruner Strategies

April 17th, 2019Three-year Strategic Plan (2019-2022) adopted by the Board of Directors

Articles from the Strategic Plan Committee:
– July 31, 2019: Bright Way Zen Creates Strategic Plan to Address Priorities, by Jeff Young, Chairman of the Board
– August 9, 2019: Building a Culture of Gratitude, by Jinryu Janna Allgood
– August 16, 2019: Our Growing Children’s Program, by Marcia Kahn
– August 21, 2019: Exploring and Polishing the Sangha Jewel, by Myoju Bella Jhunjhunwala
– August 29, 2019: Multiple Ways to Practice Dana Paramita, by Jinryu Janna Allgood
– September 19, 2019: Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at BWZ, by Shoketsu Ellen Carlin

2020 Sangha SurveyClick here for results of our 2020 Sangha Survey, meant to measure Strategic Plan success

2023 Strategic Planning: Click here for minutes of our strategic planning retreat on April 21, 2023.