Celebrations & Ceremonies

Celebrations,  Ceremonies and Meetings  Recordings

2021 Annual Members Meeting –  (Domyo, the Board and the Sangha) (Just the Audio)

Jukai Ceremony 2021 – (Domyo and Sangha) (2021-06-27) (Just the Audio)

Nehan Ceremony 2021 – (Domyo, Jinryu, Mark) (2021-02-14) (Just the Audio)

Jukai Ceremony 2020 – In The Park (Domyo and Sangha) (2020-07-12)  (Just the Audio)

          2020 Annual Members Meeting  (Domyo and the Board) (2020-11-15) (Just the Audio)

Consult with Thomas Bruner (Domyo and the Board with Guests) (Just Audio)