Zendo Meetings Cancelled for Now to Slow Spread of Covid-19

Until further notice, we will not be meeting in-person at our Zendo, but will have all of our regularly scheduled programs online.

We’re not sure how long this pause will need to go on. In the meantime, we plan to keep everyone in the Sangha as connected and supported as possible! Please be sure to call your Sangha friends, and be ready to volunteer if anyone needs help. Also be sure to let us know if you need help or support.

I will be hosting Sangha meetings by Zoom video at our usual meeting times on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Someone will host a sitting at our usual time on Saturday mornings by Zoom as well. As usual, we also sit online every Wed-Sat morning.

I invite everyone to view this as an opportunity for a different kind of practice. Slowing down, simplifying our lives, and sticking close to home… reflecting on the impermanence of life, and on what is most precious to us. I’m available to meet with people individually, by Zoom, or on the phone. Also feel free to just write an email (info@brightwayzen.org). Take care of yourselves and each other! – Domyo (3/24/2020)

Connecting to Our Sangha Using Zoom

Zoom video is a free program that lets you connect to a videoconference meeting.
You’ll be able to see and hear Domyo or whoever is leading/speaking.  You have the option of whether to have your camera on so you can be seen, or not, and you can also unmute yourself in order to ask a question.

Event Calendar
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Bright Way Zen’s Mission

Our mission is to help people find spiritual peace, deepen their wisdom, and manifest compassion. We do this by providing access to the teachings and practices of Soto Zen Buddhism, maintaining a harmonious and welcoming spiritual community, and supporting a vital and sustainable Zen center that will be here for future generations.
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Statement of Inclusivity

This Sangha acknowledges that suffering is a human condition which can be made worse because of biases or prejudices for or against any race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, political party, or other belief or position. This Sangha welcomes and affirms all who come here to seek the Way, and who will work toward respectful acceptance of others across our many differences, harmonizing the one and the many.

We also acknowledge that bias, prejudice, and privilege can be blinding. If you experience anything at Bright Way that isn’t consistent with the aspiration in our Statement of Inclusivity, please let us know. You can contact our teacher, Domyo, confidentially via email (info[at]brightwayzen.org).

Regular Weekly Meetings

Tuesdays 7-9pm
This meeting will be online!
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Zazen & Class
Wednesdays 10:00-11:00am
Mindfulness for Preschoolers
These meetings are cancelled for the time being, please stay tuned for updates!
Saturdays 8:30-9:30am
This meeting will be online!
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Just Sitting
Sundays 9:30am-12:15pm
This meeting will be online!
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Chanting, Zazen & Dharma Talk

Our Teacher Domyo’s Weekly Podcast:

A Note about Allergies:

We minimize the use of incense (we light a stick momentarily at the beginning of a meditation period, offer it at the altar, and then immediately put it out).