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Regular Weekly Meetings

Join us in the Dirt Zendo or Cloud Zendo ~ Times in Pacific time

Tuesdays 7-9pm
Zazen & Class ~ Dirt + Cloud Zendo
Wednesdays-Fridays 7:30-8:30am
Morning Meditation ~ Cloud Zendo

Just Sitting ~ Cloud Zendo

Sangha Check In & Discussion ~ Cloud Zendo

Chanting, Zazen & Dharma Talk ~ Dirt + Cloud Zendo

Statement of Inclusivity

This Sangha acknowledges that suffering is a human condition which can be made worse because of biases or prejudices for or against any race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, political party, or other belief or position. This Sangha welcomes and affirms all who come here to seek the Way, and who will work toward respectful acceptance of others across our many differences, harmonizing the one and the many.

We also acknowledge that bias, prejudice, and privilege can be blinding. If you experience anything at Bright Way that isn’t consistent with the aspiration in our Statement of Inclusivity, please let us know. You can contact our teacher, Domyo, confidentially via email (info[at]

A Note about Allergies:

When meeting at our Zendo, we minimize the use of incense (we light a stick momentarily at the beginning of a meditation period, offer it at the altar, and then immediately put it out).

You can join us in our Dirt Zendo (our physical space) or Cloud Zendo (Zoom). For those attending the Dirt Zendo, we strongly encourage (not require) up-to-date COVID vaccinations and boosters. Masks are optional but we support your choice to wear one.

Bright Way Zen’s Mission

Our mission is to help people find spiritual peace, deepen their wisdom, and manifest compassion. We do this by providing access to the teachings and practices of Soto Zen Buddhism, maintaining a harmonious and welcoming spiritual community, and supporting a vital and sustainable Zen center that will be here for future generations.
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Our Teacher Domyo’s Podcast:

Domyo’s Climate Change Podcast:

No message posted on a website heals the suffering being caused in our country by systemic racism, particularly the anguish and conflict caused by the inexcusable, repeated murders of unarmed black people, often by those sworn to protect us.

For what it is worth, Bright Way Zen bears witness to the injustice, empathizes with those suffering persecution and loss, acknowledges the culpability of white people in perpetuation of a racist system, and promises to do what we can to bring about a more just world for all.

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