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About Our Meetings

You can join us in our Cloud Zendo (Zoom) or Dirt Zendo (our physical space). Everyone attending the Dirt Zendo needs to submit proof of full vaccination, including at least one booster shot. Masks are optional but we support your choice to wear one.

Before attending one of our meetings in person, see our COVID updates page for more instructions. See our Online Practice page for how to join us in the Cloud Zendo.

BWZ, group zazen, July 2013 - web sized

Sitting with others can significantly strengthen a sitting practice you may have started on your own. All are welcome, regardless of religious affiliation or experience. 

We have new folks all the time, so please don’t hesitate to show up. Feel free to ask questions; we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. We’re happy to give you meditation instruction – just ask!

You can arrive or leave at any point in the schedule (click the following links for meeting descriptions and schedules: Tuesday evenings or Sunday mornings).

Social Tea in ZendoMeetings are free of charge, but we are supported by donation. There is a donation box at the Zen Center and you can donate online here. If you attend for a while and develop a connection to the group you can support Bright Way by becoming a member.