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Zazenkai (All Day Retreat)

Zazenkai means “sitting together.” Regular, prolonged periods of zazen are central to Zen practice, and sitting together builds Sangha.

Please join us for this all-day Zazenkai, which will include lots of zazen as well as chanting, formal meals, silent work practice, sanzen (optional private interview with the teacher), rest, and formal tea.

Full-time participation is encouraged; it can be difficult to carve out time from a busy modern life for spaciousness and silence, but that’s exactly the point! Part-time participation is also welcome.

Registering for Dirt Zendo?
PLEASE NOTE: You are welcome to sign up and join us for most of the schedule, but registration for meals has closed for the sake of our cooks. 

Attendance Options:

Join us in the Dirt Zendo if you can or the Cloud Zendo.

Cloud Zendo Participants:
If you are sitting the retreat at home, we have recommendations for how to make more of retreat container in your own space. If you live alone or your family members/housemates are agreeable, consider maintaining silence throughout the retreat schedule. It is also highly recommended you take yourself “offline” for the duration – no computer use (except for the retreat Zoom), no social or mass media, and put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off.

Suggested donation for the Zazenkai:

(but pay what you can, according to our Suggested Contribution policy)

  • Dirt Zendo Full Day (with meals): $50
  • Cloud Zendo Full Day: $25
  • Part-time in either Cloud or Dirt Zendo: Contribute what seems right