Photo Gallery

Jukai Ceremony, May 20, 2018

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Bright Way Zen Group - Cropped and Smaller

Community Service Project: Wetland Work Party July 19, 2014

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New Zen Buddhists - Lorna, Jim, Gathel and Brandon - with Domyo

Jukai 2014

For Lorna Simons, Jim Lewinson, Gathel Weston and Brandon Field. Click here for a slideshow!

New Lay Disciple 2014

 Lay Disciple Ceremony March 30, 2014

For Ellen Shoketsu Carlin. Click here for a slideshow!

Weekly Meetings

Tues-Fri Mornings
Sunrise sitting suspended until fall

Tuesday Evenings
Meditation, Tea, and Class

Wed-Fri Mornings
Online Meditation (via videoconference, not at the Zendo)

Saturday Mornings
8:30-9:30 am

Sunday Mornings
Chanting, Meditation, Tea and Dharma Talk