Tuesday Evening Study

Class is from 8-9pm, after zazen and tea break (you can arrive or leave any time)
Note: Study Schedule is subject to change – check back for updates!

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Foundational Buddhist Teachings

The Foundational Buddhist Teachings study schedule is subject to change, because sometimes we take a one-class break from our series for a change of pace, and sometimes we end up spending more than one class on a topic. Check back here for updates.

Studying ahead will definitely deepen your experience of this series, but it isn’t necessary. The links below are to episodes of Domyo’s Zen Studies Podcast, which you can listen to or read. 

Oct. 15th – The Buddha’s Life Story as Archetype and Teaching
Life of Shakyamuni Buddha Part 1 – Birth through Homeleaving
Life of Shakyamuni Buddha Part 2 – Before and After Enlightenment

Oct. 22nd – What Was New and Different about What the Buddha Taught
Buddhist History 1: Arising of Buddhism Part 1 of 2 – Historical and Religious Context
Buddhist History 2: Arising of Buddhism Part 2 of 2 – New Religious Developments

Oct. 29th – The Three Marks and the Teaching of Not-Self (Anatta)

Nov. 5th – The Four Noble Truths

Nov. 12th – The Noble Eightfold Path

Nov. 19th – No class because of the Annual Member’s Meeting at 6pm

Nov. 26th – The Three Poisons (Greed, Hate, and Delusion) as the Root of All Evil

Dec. 3rdTBA (not part of Foundational Teachings Series)

Dec. 10th Karma, the Law of Moral Cause-and-Effect

Dec. 17th – The Six Realms of Existence as a Metaphor for Mind States We Get Trapped In

Dec. 24th & 31st – Zen center closed for the holidays

January & Beyond:

The Five Skandhas as Focus for the Practice of Not-Self (Anatta)
The Four Foundations of Mindfulness
The Four Brahmaviharas, or Sublime Social Attitudes – Part 1 (Intro)
The Four Brahmaviharas, or Sublime Social Attitudes – Part 2 (Metta)
The Four Brahmaviharas, or Sublime Social Attitudes – Part 3 (Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha)
The Five Hindrances – Part 1 (Introduction)
The Five Hindrances – Part 2 (Worldly Desire and Ill-will)
The Five Hindrances – Part 3 (Sloth&Torpor, Restlessness&Worry, Skeptical Doubt)
Nirvana: The Ultimate Goal of Original Buddhism and What It Means