Tuesday Evening Study


Location: Dirt Zendo or Cloud Zendo

Time: Class is from 8-9pm Pacific Time, after zazen and a short break (you can arrive or leave any time).

Joining Us: You are welcome to join our class series for free at any time, at any point in the series, and there is no need to register.

Note: Study Schedule is subject to change – check back here for updates! Click Here for our Event Calendar.

Missed a Class? Classes and Dharma Talks are almost always recorded; click here for recordings.

You can join us in our Cloud Zendo (Zoom) or Dirt Zendo (our physical space). Everyone attending the Dirt Zendo needs to submit proof of full vaccination. Masks are optional but we support your choice to wear one.

Before attending one of our meetings in person, see our COVID updates page for more instructions. See our Online Practice page for how to join us in the Cloud Zendo.

August: Practicing with Troubling Emotions

In August, Domyo will offer a class & discussion series on practicing with troubling emotions. There will be opportunities for small-group discussion and Q&A.


Study Schedule:

Click links to read/listen to Domyo’s podcast episodes on each topic

August 2nd – The Basic Method: A Zen Take on Tara Brach’s 4-step RAIN Process (Brightening the Mind: Refusing to be Tyrannized by Negative States)

August 9th – Anger, Ill-will, Hatred, Resentment: Using Their Wisdom While Staying Free from Intoxication with Them (Buddhist Images of Fierceness and Compassionate Anger)

August 16th – Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Dread: Abiding in this Ephemeral World Like a Lotus in Muddy Water(The Dharma of Staying Calm When Facing Challenges)

August 23rd – Depression, Cynicism, Despair, Numbness: Finding Our Way Back to the Light (Nine Benefits of Buddhist Practice in Difficult Times)

August 30th: Grief in the Past, Present, or Future: Opening to Love and Appreciation Even in the Face of (Inevitable) Loss (Grief in Buddhism Episode 1 and Episode 2)