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Tuesday, Jan 15th
“Disillusionment” in Zen Teachings in Challenging Times

Tuesday, Jan 15th
Dharma Talk by Domyo – topic TBA

Tuesday, Jan 22nd
“Karma and Rebirth as Opportunities for Practice” by Kyogen Carlson in Basic Elements of Zen Practice: Teachings from Dharma Rain Zen Center (pdf available here; printed copies for sale at the Zen center)

Tuesday, Jan 29th
Dharma Talk by Domyo – Two Paths to Meditative Concentration: Directed Effort Versus Letting Go
Domyo will have given a talk on this topic on Sunday the 13th, and also released two podcast episodes on it. She will briefly introduce the idea that there are two entry gates to deep and profound Zen practice, and then we’ll have lots of time for questions and discussion. Even if you’ve heard the Sunday talk or podcast, this will be a new setting and audience, and we’ll explore how to engage these two different kinds of practice.