Tuesday Evening Study

Class is from 8-9pm, after zazen and tea break (you can arrive or leave any time)
Note: Study Schedule is subject to change – check back for updates!

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Foundational Buddhist Teachings

The Foundational Buddhist Teachings study schedule is subject to change, because sometimes we take a one-class break from our series for a change of pace, and sometimes we end up spending more than one class on a topic. Check back here for updates.

Studying ahead will definitely deepen your experience of this series, but it isn’t necessary. The links below are to episodes of Domyo’s Zen Studies Podcast, which you can listen to or read. 

January 7th – The Hindrance of Worldly Obsession and Its Antidotes (The Five Hindrances)

January 14th – Class cancelled due to weather predictions

January 21st – The Hindrance of Ill-Will and its Antidotes (The Five Hindrances)

January 28th – The Hindrance of Sloth-and-Torpor and its Antidotes (The Five Hindrances)

February 4th – The Hindrance of Restlessness-and-Worry and its Antidotes (The Five Hindrances)

February 11th – The Hindrance of Skeptical Doubt and its Antidotes (The Five Hindrances)

February 18th – Mindfulness of the Body and Feelings (The Four Foundations of Mindfulness)

February 25th – Mindfulness of Mind States and the Dharma (The Four Foundations of Mindfulness)


Precept Study Classes

Every year we study the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts in preparation for Jukai (May 17th), the ceremony where people can receive the precepts and formally become a Buddhist. If you are thinking of taking Jukai this year (2020), please plan to attend all of these classes (or plan to listen to the audio if you can’t attend). Even those of us who have been committed to the precepts for a long time find it useful to explore them regularly. 

Precept study classes will be led by senior students who have taken Jukai.

March 3rd – Intro to precept practice, confession verse, 3 pure precepts
March 10th – Do not kill – cultivate and encourage life
March 17th –  Do not steal – honor the gift not yet given
March 24th –  Do not misuse sexuality – remain faithful in relationships
March 31st –  Do not speak dishonestly – communicate truthfully
April 7th –  Do not become intoxicated – polish clarity, dispel delusion
April 14th –  Do not dwell on past mistakes – create wisdom from ignorance
April 21st –  Do not praise self or blame others – maintain modesty, extol virtue
April 28th –  Do not be mean with dharma or wealth – share understanding, give freely of self
May 5th –  Do not indulge anger – cultivate equanimity
May 12th –  Do not defame the three treasures

Sunday, May 17th – Jukai Ceremony