Tuesday Evening Study

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Annual Precept Study: Feb 26th-May 14th (Jukai, precept ceremony, is May 19th)

Click here for a copy of the Bodhisattva Precepts. We’ll be studying the precepts, as we do every year, in preparation for Jukai (taking the precepts and becoming a Buddhist).

Many of the precept classes this year will be led by senior members. We won’t focus on a single text, but any one of the texts found on this page can be useful (many people like the one by Diane Rizzetto).


Tuesday, Feb 26th –¬†
Introduction to Precept Practice

Tuesday, March 5th
Taking Refuge, Karma Verse, Three Pure Precepts

Tuesday, March 12th
Do not kill – cultivate and encourage life

Tuesday, March 19th
Do not steal – honor the gift not yet given

Tuesday, March 26th
Do not misuse sexuality – remain faithful in relationships

Tuesday, April 2nd
Do not speak dishonestly – communicate truthfully

Tuesday, April 9th
Do not become intoxicated – polish clarity, dispel delusion

Tuesday, April 16
Do not dwell on past mistakes – create wisdom from ignorance

Tuesday, April 23
Do not praise self or blame others – maintain modesty, extol virtue

Tuesday, April 30
Do not be mean with dharma or wealth – share understanding, give freely of self

Tuesday, May 7th
Do not indulge anger – cultivate equanimity

Tuesday, May 14th
Do not defame the three treasures