Tuesday Evening Study

Class is from 8-9pm, after zazen and a short break (you can arrive or leave any time).  You are welcome to join our class series for free at any time, at any point in the series, and there is no need to register. All classes are currently online, click here for information on how to join us.

Note: Study Schedule is subject to change – check back for updates! Click Here for our Event Calendar. Classes and Dharma Talks are almost always recorded; click here for recordings.

The Nine Fields of Zen Practice

Bright Way Zen’s guiding teacher, Domyo, has described Nine Fields of Zen practice which help remind us how practice can permeate every aspect of our lives.

This 10-week series will be very practical. We will discuss exactly what practice in each of the fields looks like in our everyday lives, and answer a set of “FAQs” (frequently asked questions) associated with each, such as, “How much zazen should I do? What should I study? What Buddhist practices help us open our hearts in real relationships?”

No registration is required and you can attend even without prior study of the Nine Fields. However, to get the most out of the series, listen to (or read) one or two of Domyo’s podcasts on each field (links to suggested podcast episodes can be found via the “Click Here” button below), and bring your questions!

Read a full description of the Nine Fields of Zen Practice, along with links to relevant episodes on Domyo’s Zen Studies Podcast and a PDF version for printing

Upcoming Tuesday Evening Study Schedule:

September 7th ~ Seeing Your Life and Practice as Path (an introduction to the Nine Fields) – Watch the class video or listen to the recording

September 14th ~ Zazen – Making Space for the Absolute

September 21st ~ Dharma Study – Exposing Ourselves to the Teachings

September 28th ~ Cultivating Insight – Knowing for Ourselves

October 5th ~ Precepts – Letting Go of Self-Attachment

October 12th ~ Opening the Heart – Exploring Non-Separation from All Being

October 19th ~ Connecting with the Ineffable – Remembering Our Deepest Aspirations

October 26th ~ Nyoho – According with the Dharma in Everyday Activities

November 2nd ~ Karma Work – Taking Care of Our Lives

November 9th ~ Bodhisattva Activity – Acting to Free All Beings