Teacher’s Book

Zen LivingZen Living by our teacher, Domyo Burk, is a thorough but accessible introduction to all aspects of Zen practice. 

An endorsement from James Ishmael Ford, author of If You're Lucky, Your Heart Will Break: Field Notes from a Zen Life:

"Lucid and informative. I believe this book is among the clearest introductions to Zen meditation and mindfulness practice available today. I recommend it to anyone looking for a simple but accurate introduction to Zen."

Click on the links to view the book on Amazon, or look over the (abbreviated!) Table of Contents below:

Part 1: Getting Started with Zen 
1. Introducing Zen 
2. Trying Out Zen Practice 
3. A Zen Practice of Your Own

Part 2: Zen Tools 
4. Zazen: Seated Meditation
5. Mindfulness: Awareness in Everyday Life 
6. Precepts: The Zen Moral Code
7. Karma Work: Habits of Body, Speech, and Mind
8. Cultivating Insight: Seeking the Truth
9. Sangha: Practicing with Others

Part 3: Essential Zen Teachings 
10. The Path to Liberation 
11. The Fundamental Misunderstanding
12. The Way Things Really Are

Part 4: The Zen Path 
13. Letting Go of 
14. Studying the Self
15. Taking It Deeper 
16. Enlightened About Delusion

Part 5: Living Zen
17. Zen in Relationships
18. Dealing with Challenges Zen-Style 
19. Daily Opportunities for Zen Practice
20. Zen and Mental Health 
21. Zen When Life Is Tough
22. Zen FAQs 
23. Mastering the Art of Living