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Our Teacher’s Book, Zen Living

Zen LivingZen Living by our teacher, Domyo Burk, is a thorough but accessible introduction to all aspects of Zen practice.  Unfortunately, it seems to have gone out of print, but you can still get digital editions (e.g. Kindle version).

An endorsement from James Ishmael Ford, author of If You’re Lucky, Your Heart Will Break: Field Notes from a Zen Life:

“Lucid and informative. I believe this book is among the clearest introductions to Zen meditation and mindfulness practice available today. I recommend it to anyone looking for a simple but accurate introduction to Zen.”

Click on this link to view the book on Amazon, or look over the (abbreviated!) Table of Contents below:


Part 1: Getting Started with Zen
1. Introducing Zen
2. Trying Out Zen Practice
3. A Zen Practice of Your Own

Part 2: Zen Tools 
4. Zazen: Seated Meditation
5. Mindfulness: Awareness in Everyday Life
6. Precepts: The Zen Moral Code
7. Karma Work: Habits of Body, Speech, and Mind
8. Cultivating Insight: Seeking the Truth
9. Sangha: Practicing with Others

Part 3: Essential Zen Teachings 
10. The Path to Liberation
11. The Fundamental Misunderstanding
12. The Way Things Really Are

Part 4: The Zen Path
13. Letting Go of
14. Studying the Self
15. Taking It Deeper
16. Enlightened About Delusion

Part 5: Living Zen
17. Zen in Relationships
18. Dealing with Challenges Zen-Style
19. Daily Opportunities for Zen Practice
20. Zen and Mental Health
21. Zen When Life Is Tough
22. Zen FAQs
23. Mastering the Art of Living