Cloud Zendo: Online Practice

Bright Way Zen offers the treasure of Sangha both in the Dirt Zendo (in-the-flesh) and the Cloud Zendo (online).

We have two Zendos but one Sangha.

  • The Dirt Zendo is our physical Zendo space. The word “dirt” speaks to the gritty and tangible reality of being together in-the-flesh. It’s also humble; “Earth Zendo” is too grand and suggests a totality rather than an alternative
  • The Cloud Zendo is our virtual Zendo space. Cloud are beautiful, and the word speaks to the expansive, permeable, and ethereal nature of the virtual space.

Zoom Instructions

  • Click here for detailed instructions on how to download the free Zoom app and connect.
  • The Zoom meeting room ID is 722-532-8943 (or, if you have the Zoom app ready to go, you can just click here:
  • Email us for the meeting password.
  • Camera: When sitting zazen, it’s recommended you set your camera/device off to the side so you’re not looking directly at the camera/device.
  • Most people find Zoom pretty user-friendly, but if you need any help getting set up with Zoom, go ahead and contact Zoom tech support, or email Domyo (info@brightwayzenorg.). We will also have someone ready to offer tech support during our meetings if you can’t connect – we’ll post the person’s phone and email in the Event listing on our website calendar before the meeting.