Bright Way Zen Creates Strategic Plan to Address Priorities

Article by Jeff Young, Chairman of the Board

Our mission is to help people find spiritual peace, deepen their wisdom and manifest compassion. Our vision states that we will offer a place of spiritual refuge for Washington County and we will be build a warm, vibrant and inclusive community that will manifest our bodhisattva vows beyond our Zen center. Click here to read the full mission and visions statements.

Our Strategic Plan is the product of several years of effort, and it has incorporated the ideas and input of many people. In 2017 a survey was conducted and about 80percent of the Sangha responded. Key concerns included a wish for BWZ to achieve long-term stability and for the zendo to support our teacher.   In early 2018 the strategic planning committee identified three key areas of focus to help us address these member concerns in a fashion that was consistent with our mission and vision: Sangha growth, member investment and enhancement of Sangha resources. Focusing our effort, we will produce among many outcomes, incremental and sustainable growth, which will insure the long-term success of our zendo and pay our teacher a fair amount for all of the time she devotes to BWZ. Volunteers were identified to work on addressing these areas while the Strategic Plan was refined and then adopted in April 2019. Click here to see the complete plan.

In the past year we have achieved a variety of wonderful successes in support of our Strategy including the development of the children’s program and a celebratory fundraising event.

In the coming months, Strategic Plan advocates and our Executive Director and BWZ teacher will share and discuss the plan in detail.



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