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Village Support Family Needs & Wants List

Last updated: 3/28/2016

Bright Way Zen has formed a team to support a family who has moved out of homelessness and subsequent transitional housing into a home of their own. Melinda, Chantel (18), Javon (14), Omar (9), and Johnathan (born 3/22/16), have moved into a 3-bedroom duplex in Beaverton and the sangha can help them settle into their home by donating the following items.

This list will be updated often, so you can check it to see if items have already been offered or donated. If you can give something, please contact Domyo at with the following information:

  • Your name
  • What item(s) you want to donate
  • How & when you will donate them (you can bring things with you to regular Bright Way meetings, arrange to have smaller items dropped off at Domyo’s house, or let us know if you need things picked up).

We will get items to Melinda and family as quickly as we can. Note: Bright Way Zen donations from about a year ago have already purchased a washer and dryer; a busy single mom being able to do laundry at home instead of spending hours at the laundromat makes all the difference. Thanks!



Items with a check mark (√) are no longer needed.

√Lawn mower (donated through Domyo’s Nextdoor email list)



Bookshelf (small)
End Tables (1, for living room; friend of So’on’s has donated one)
Twin mattress & box spring plus frame
Table Lamps (1, for nightstand) (Joan has donated two)
Storage shelving units for closets
Already donated:
Bookshelf (large) (Bruce has donated)
Television (for bedroom) (Marcia has donated)
Coffee Table (Friend of So’on’s has donated)
Dining Table (donated by members of Melinda’s church)
Night Stands (3)(Joe will donate and have delivered)
Dressers (3)(Joe will donate and have delivered)
Twin Bunk Beds (anonymous will donate two bed-over-desk frames and have delivered)


Smaller Household Items:

Throw Pillows (Marcia has donated some)
Artwork (Marcia will donate some & deliver)
Small Area Rugs (Marcia has donated some, more needed)
Washcloths (Sean has donated, more needed)
Twin Sheet Sets (4) (Susan and Marcia have donated two)
Twin-size Blankets (2) (Janna has donated one)
Curtains & Hanging Hardware (3 bedroom windows, large living room window, kitchen/dining room window)
Fans (Sean and Marcia have donated two, more needed)
Already donated:
Wall Hooks for Jackets (Shoketsu has donated)
Welcome Mat (Shoketsu has donated)
Toilet Plunger (Domyo has donated)
Bathroom Trash Can (Marcia has donated)
Bath Towels (4) (Sean & Janna have donated)
Face Towels (4) (Sean & Janna have donated)
Queen Sheet Set (1) (Janna has donated)
Queen-size Blanket (Janna has donated)
Laundry Hampers (2) (Shoketsu has donated)
Tools: Hammer, screwdrivers, allen wrench, etc. (Sean has donated)


Kitchen Items (already donated):

Covered Trash & Recycling Containers (Shoketsu and Frankie have donated)
Spatulas (Sean and Susan have donated)
Ladles (Sean has donated)
Potato Peeler (Sean has donated)
Cooking/serving Spoons (Marcia has donated)
Measuring Cups (donated)
Measuring Spoons
Tupperware (Domyo has donated)
Colander/Strainer (Sean has donated)
Ice Trays (Sean has donated)



Aluminum Foil (Susan has donated)
Sponges & Scrubbies (Sean and Susan have donated)
Candles (for emergencies) (Marcia has donated)

Always needed:
Toilet Paper (2-ply) (Sean has donated some)
Cleaning Supplies (particularly something with bleach) (Sean has donated some)
Paper Towels (Sean and Susan have donated some)
Laundry Soap (Susan has donated some)
Fabric Softener