Foundational Teachings Fall 2018

The class series will provide an overview of teachings, vocabulary and concepts in Zen Buddhism. For those who are newer to practice, this class is an excellent starting point for becoming familiar with these teachings. For all participants, this class will be an opportunity to explore the connection between these key teachings and our own experience in practice.

Schedule of Classes  

September 20


Introduction & Life of the Buddha:  Historical Perspective, Myth and Teaching
September 27 The Four Noble Truths (First and Second)
Oct 4 The Four Noble Truths (Third and Fourth)
Oct 11 The 8 Fold Path
Oct 18 The Self, Karma & Rebirth
Oct 25 The Six Realms & Rebirth
Nov 1 What makes Zen Zen?


Texts:  There are no required texts or readings for this class series.  Recommended texts include Zen Roots by Kyogen Carlson, The Heart of the Buddhas Teaching by Thich Nhat Hahn and Buddhism Plain & Simple by Steve Hagen.

Weekly Meetings

Tuesday Evenings
Meditation, Tea, and Class


Wednesday Mornings
Meditation for Parents - Children Welcome


Thursday Evenings
Meditation, Tea, and Class


Saturday Mornings
8:30-9:30 am


Sunday Mornings
Chanting, Meditation, Tea and Dharma Talk