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We’re alternating between the two books to the right, reading a chapter and then discussing it.

Feb 28th – “Basic Elements of Zen Practice: Everyday Koans”

March 7th – “The Truth of This Life: Just This Is It”

Precept Study & Discussion – Spring 2019
Facilitated by Shintai on Thursday Evenings

Texts:  Kyojukaimon (“Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts”) and “Waking Up to What You Do” by Dianne Rizzetto




March 14

Introduction to Precepts Practice and Jukai

March 21

History of the Precepts & Context

March 28


April 4

3 Pure Precepts

April 11

Do not kill – cultivate life.  (Rizzetto Ch 12)

Do not steal-honor the gift not yet given.  (Rizzetto Ch 9)

April 18

Do not misuse sexuality – remain faithful in relationships. (Rizzetto Ch 10)Do not speak dishonestly – communicate truthfully.  (Rizzetto Ch 4)

April 25

Do not become intoxicated – polish clarity, dispel delusion. (Rizzetto Ch 8)

Do not dwell on past mistakes. (Rizzetto Ch 6)

May 2

Do not praise self or blame others. (Rizzetto Ch 7)

Do not be mean with dharma or wealth. (no corresponding Rizzetto chapter)

May 9

Do not indulge anger – cultivate equanimity. (Rizzetto Ch 9)

Do not defame the three treasures. (no corresponding Rizzetto chapter)

May 16

Wrap Up




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