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Thank Yous

Bright Way Zen Retreat Feb 2013-13Thank You To…

Please let us know if we have forgotten anything! And thanks of course to our members and donors who make our sangha possible through ongoing financial support.

September 2013:Golden Buddha Close

  • Bob Orman, for a large golden buddha, a mala, and altar items, including a vase, incense holder, smaller buddha, fu dogs, offering plate, and an altar shelf
  • Zoki Orman, for a hand-carved incense box, a stone statue of a begging monk, and a lotus bowl from China

August 2013:

  • Tom Dicorcia's wife, for fine Japanese altar incense

July 2013:

  • Tenku Ruff, for fine Japanese altar incense

June 2013:Altar with Manjushri - Mid

  • Domyo's parents, Greg and Diane, and husband, John, for our new Manjushri altar statue, plus stand, decorations and fu dogs

March 2013:

  • Sean, for labor and materials for our sturdy new bell stand (for our new densho bell)

February 2013:

Jim ringing densho bell

  • Ellen, Rebecca and Logan for 3 Floor lamps, the kind that aim the light at the ceiling
  • Dawn & Sean for a small folding table
  • Amy for an altar vase and two small bookcases for personal items
  • Gathel & Janelle, and Bella for two electric space heaters, the silent oil-filled radiator ones 
  • Trish for a vacuum cleaner
  • Frankie for a nice bookcase (approx 12" deep, 2.5-3' wide, 6' tall) for founder's altar, donation box, books and personal items
  • Lorna for a second plug-in hot water pot
  • Susan and Trish for high quality padded folding chairs
  • John Burk for an altar table for the sanzen room
  • Dharma Rain Zen Center for the large Buddha statue for the main altar 
  • Ellen for a decorative noren (Japanese hanging cloth for doorway)