2019 WEBZ Sesshin Registration

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2019 WEBZ Sesshin Registration Form

Thursday evening, August 20th - Sunday morning, August 25th

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Consultation with the Teacher(s): Sesshin can be a powerful experience. If this will be your first sesshin, or if you have been diagnosed with/treated for any mental illness in the past or present, please make an appointment to talk to one of the teachers after you register (unless we've already talked about this). You can do this by sending a confidential email to Domyo: domyo@brightwayzen.org.



Cost/Ideal Donation:*
Full retreat – $375 ($275 for Bright Way or Wy’East Zen Center members)
Wednesday arrival – $300 ($220 for members)
Thursday arrival – $225 ($165 for members)
Friday arrival $150 ($110 for members)

*We operate by Ideal Donation. A stated Ideal Donation is mentioned for informational purposes and reflects the amount that truly supports the time, effort, and resources required to make a particular offering. If you are able to pay the Ideal Donation, please do. However, we are committed to making sure the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha are available to anyone, regardless of their financial situation. Therefore, if you need to pay less than the Ideal Donation, simply register anyway and indicate what fee you can afford.


Once you submit this form, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can submit payment via Paypal, or get information on how to pay by check.