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Meditation Study at Saybrook University

We invite you to join us for a study about meditation through Saybrook University.

We are looking for participants to join us for a study about the experience of daily, long term meditation practice. We will be asking participants to be a part of two interviews that will take place via a web-based meeting.

Purpose of the Study:
The purpose of this study is to investigate the experience of long-term meditators to better understand what it means to them and what influences consistent daily practice. By doing this study, I hope to learn what supports and deters consistent meditation practice so that we can assist meditation teachers, researchers, and practitioners in designing programs that successfully support students’ daily practice.

Benefits of Participating:
The potential benefits to others are a greater understanding of what helps people practice meditation on a regular basis.

The direct benefits to participants are potentially greater self-awareness about the meaning of meditation for them and the joy in sharing the dharma of meditation.

If you have meditated daily for over 10 years (minimum 20 minutes sitting practice) and wish to contribute please contact Michele Kambolis (head researcher) at Saybrook University: