Sangha Meeting – Cloud Zendo

BWZ Monthly Book Group - Cloud Zendo

Every Saturday, Domyo and other Sangha members will stay after Saturday morning zazen to check in with one another and discuss practice. Click here for information about Saturday morning practice and how to connect!  

Saturday Zen Practice Schedule – Cloud Zendo

Just Sitting: 8:30 – 9:30am

Sangha Meeting: 9:30-10:30am      

Click here for a schedule and instructions for how to join us!    

Joining us from another time zone?

Please click HERE  to download the Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday practice schedules in your time zone.

BWZ Monthly Book Group - Cloud Zendo

You can join us in our Cloud Zendo (Zoom) or Dirt Zendo (our physical space). Everyone attending the Dirt Zendo needs to submit proof of full vaccination. Masks are optional but we support your choice to wear one.

Before attending one of our meetings in person, see our COVID updates page for more instructions. See our Online Practice page for how to join us in the Cloud Zendo.

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