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Dharma Cloud Lineage Day

Our Bright Way Zen lineage comes through Dharma Rain Zen Center – particularly through Domyo’s teachers, Kyogen and Gyokuko Carlson, and their teacher, Roshi Jiyu Kennett. (Click here to learn more about our lineage.) We have named this the “Dharma Cloud Lineage” (Gyokuko, Kyogen, and Roshi Kennett all had the family Dharma name “Houn” or “cloud.”)

The current sanghas of the Dharma Cloud Family Lineage include Dharma Rain Zen Center, Bright Way Zen, Flowing Field Zendo, Pendleton Sitting Group, Rose Villa Sitting Group, Wy’East Zen Center, and Zen West/Empty Field Zendo.

Every other year, groups in the Dharma Cloud Lineage gather to maintain our connections and give people a sense of our shared lineage.

2023 Dharma Cloud Day

Saturday, April 29th ~ 10am – 4pm Pacific Time

Bright Way Zen, located at 12020 SW Barnes Rd. in Portland is hosting this year’s Dharma Cloud Lineage Day on Saturday April 29th. Click here for directions.

This will be a hybrid event allowing for people to attend either in person or via Zoom.  We will have any opportunity to practice together, socialize, and share what’s going on in our respective sanghas. You will receive an email confirmation upon registering that includes the Zoom link and password.

The Day’s Activities (Pacific Time)

10am – 30 min zazen + Bright Way style morning service
11am – Intros from each group, 10 minute overview, followed by questions:

  • Who are your guiding teacher/s and or coordinator/s?
    Where do you meet?
    How long have you been meeting?
    How many people/members are involved in your sangha?
    What is your organizational structure?
    What is the frequency of your regular services, and sesshins?
    What other groups/anctivities are available?
    Describe any community involvement activities.
    Anything else that you would like to share.

12:30pm – Break for informal lunch, one hour (bring lunch or go get something from Market of Choice, across the street)

1:30 – Group brainstorms on discussion topics (start with paper and pen, 5-10 minutes to think and make notes, then compile where everyone can see)

  • Tell us more about your group’s activities, what is working well, what are some concerns, what is most alive for your practice with your group… share stories and challenges, questions

Prioritize topics with raised hands

2:00 – Conversations (Group decides whether to discuss all together, or to break into smaller groups based on topic)

3:30 – Founders Ceremony for Kyogen Carlson, Roshi Kennett and Keido Chisan

4pm – Closing dedication and end of day

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