Children’s Program

Bright Way Zen has started a children’s program, so get the word out!

Summer dates for the program are June 10th and July 1st. The children’s program will meet from 10:20 AM until 11:00 AM on Sunday mornings and then the children will join the rest of the group for snacks at 11 AM. The program will include singing, dancing, storytelling and walks in nature. We are also planning some family events for parents to meet and support each other.

We’ll start a regular program in the fall. The planning committee includes James and Nicki Butler, Marcia Kahn, Lori Dobbin, Zack Bartel, Logan Forehand, and Melissa Fivecoat. We are hard at work creating a detailed plan for the program and getting ready to start. We invite anyone interested to join us! Please get in touch with Marcia Kahn at 503-704-4887 with any questions regarding the program.