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Bright Way Zen’s COVID-19 Measures

Dirt Zendo Practice

We have resumed in-person meetings at our physical Zendo on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Cloud Zendo Practice

Bright Way Zen offers a full schedule of practice online. Events taking place in our Dirt Zendo (Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings, and our One-Day Retreats) are set up for full Cloud Zendo participation via Zoom.

About Participating at Our Dirt Zendo at this Time

  • For those attending the Dirt Zendo, we strongly encourage (but do not require) up-to-date COVID vaccinations and boosters.
  • Anyone who wants to continue wearing a mask is strongly encouraged to do so, and we will try to create a culture where this choice is supported.
  • In the interest of allowing Dirt Zendo participation to increase, we will not be capping attendance or attempting to maintain social distancing.
  • DO NOT come to the zendo if you have any cold or flu like symptoms, EVEN IF YOU HAVE HAD A NEGATIVE TEST. Anyone with any symptoms should stay home and join us in the Cloud Zendo.
  • NOTIFY US ( if you or someone close to you is diagnosed with COVID-19 and you have been to the dirt zendo within 48 hours of onset of symptoms. (Let us know anyway, because we care!)


Please Note:

  • Bright Way’s COVID measures will change as needed. We will follow state and local mandates, and guidance for vaccinated populations.
  • We continue to strive to make participation in our Sangha by Zoom as meaningful and rewarding as attending in person. If you are avoiding in-person attendance because of COVID concerns, please keep in mind that almost 1/3 of our members join us in the Cloud Zendo!
    Thanks to all for your participation, support, and patience during this pandemic.


Other COVID Precautions at the Dirt Zendo

We run two large air purifiers in the zendo when we can’t leave the windows open.

Stay tuned to this page for updates!


Cloud Zendo Options

Anyone is welcome to join our practice via Zoom. Stay healthy and safe, and looking forward to seeing you in person!