Bright Way Zen’s COVID-19 Measures

Bright Way Zen has offered a full schedule of practice online since March 2020. Our Sangha has actually grown during the pandemic and we are committed to continuing online access to our practice for our new Sangha members all over the world.


Re-Opening Plans

We plan to re-open our Zendo in Portland, Oregon, in the USA (Pacific Time Zone), for in-person practice starting Monday, August 23rd, with our annual retreat. This date may change depending on COVID conditions in our area, so stay tuned to this page.

Once we re-open our Zendo, we will offer our retreats and our regular Tuesday evening and Sunday morning programs in a hybrid fashion, allowing both in-person and Zoom participation. Please be patient as we work out the technology and system that will provide the best experience for both in-the-flesh and virtual practice, and foster a sense of community and connection for all! It may take a few weeks of hybrid events before we work out the glitches.


Vaccination Registration

In-person/in-the-flesh attendance at our Zendo will only be open to people who provide proof of full vaccination by submitting their vaccination card via this form, at least 48 hours before the event you want to attend. We ask for vax registration ahead of time to minimize stress for our Zendo greeters, who would rather not be responsible for “carding” people at the door! Once you have submitted your proof of vaccination, you’ll be on our “All Clear” list and won’t have to submit the form again.

We require full vaccination for in-person attendance to allow Sangha members with underlying health conditions to feel safe at the Zen center and to minimize the contribution of our events to the spread of COVID-19 in the wider community. We are happy to make exceptions to the vaccination requirement for those who need to forgo vaccination for medical reasons, simply indicate your medical exemption on the vaccination form.



Given the spread of the Delta variant and its ability to infect vaccinated people, it is likely that we will require all attendees at the Zendo wear masks, whether vaccinated or not. We are also likely to adapt our chanting practice to minimize virus transmission that way. Stay tuned to this page for updates as our re-opening date approaches.


Online Options

Anyone is welcome to join our practice via Zoom. Stay healthy and safe, and looking forward to seeing you in person!