“Awakening to Whiteness” Participant Resources

Awakening to Whiteness Six-Meeting Curriculum

Meeting 1: Why are We Here, and Personal Experience with Race

We open the series with some materials and exercises to help frame the journey ahead. We hope to motivate and sustain your commitment to this work and place you in the good company
of other white people who are turning toward racial suffering with wisdom, compassion and the resolve to co-create its end.

Class One Description and Agenda

Resources — please read/watch before your meeting:
Racism as Dharma Doorway – Letter to White Sangha by Kristin Barker, one of the creators of the Spirit Rock curriculum.
Healing the Broken Body of Sangha by Ruth King
Taking Stock of Oneself by Bhikkhu Bodhi
Not Somewhere Else, But Here by Rev. Dr. Rebecca Parker
Communication Guidelines from East Bay Meditation Center
Who Invented White People by Gregory Jay
Ways of Being White by Gary Howard
● Watch the video Race: The Power of an Illusion $4.99 on Vimeo