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2021 Fundraiser Articles

Why I Give
By Joan Maurer

A warm, welcoming and friendly community . . .
This is what I experienced when I first came to Bright Way in 2016.  Bright Way felt like the refuge and community that I was searching for.  I was searching for a community to learn, grow and share.

  • To learn about the Dharma and what it means to be a Buddhist.
  • To grow through the teachings to be a better person and, yes, to suffer less.
  • To share my experiences with others and listen to their journeys as well.

I have found all these things at Bright Way, and, as this community has given me all these things, I want to give back by being part of providing this same warm, welcoming and friendly experience to others that are seeking that.
Currently, I do this by:

  • participating in Tuesday night sitting and discussions,
  • attending sesshin and other retreats and helping out as asked,
  • serving as a Board member,
  • participating in the book club,
  • contributing financially as I am able.

I see all these as equally important.  Contributing financially may not be as exciting, or you could say as fulfilling as the others but, to me, they are all necessary and interrelated from a practical standpoint.

Attending in person, I met people with the same concerns as myself.  I made friends.  Having that physical space to have those interactions cannot be replaced by anything.   Having that space requires money .  And, even more vital, our teacher needs financial support.  This all goes without question for me.
So, I give what I can to further my own and others’ journey to awakening, freedom, happiness, compassion and peace.